Bride Of Re-Animator (3 stars)

Bride Of Re-Animator

(18) 92min (Tartan rental/retail)


Quite whether Brian Yuzna’s sequel to the black comic gorefest that was Re-Animator carries all the earlier film’s exuberant ickiness is a moot point, but there is, once again, a certain gusto which propels it along. Here we re-encounter hero Dan (Bruce Abbot) and the titular mad scientist Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) in Latin America, where their continued experiments in recreating life in dead tissue lead to pretty much the same grotesque results. Their somehow unpunished return from their travels to the hospital of Re-Animator sees Dan tempted into further experiments by the offer of recreating his dead girlfriend through the body of a dying patient.

There’s certain sentimentality to the subplot involving this woman, which detracts from the cartoonish spirit of the film, but there’s enough macabre playing with dead flesh at the denouement to recapture some camp humour. There’s little in the way of extras.

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