WATCH: The new trailer for Sex Tape is raunchy, funny... and great product placement

Sex Tape

The film follows a couple - Cameron Diaz & Jason Segel - whose sex tape turns up on gift iPads

The trailer for Sex Tape, a new comedy starring Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz, has landed, providing an idea of the plot and sense of humour involved – as well as a healthy dose of product placement for Apple.

Segel and Diaz play Jay and Annie, a married couple who decide to make a sex tape to spice up their love life. Thanks to the Cloud and Apple's auto-sync capabilities, their saucy home video – a three-hour epic attempting every position in The Joy of Sex – is uploaded to all the iPads they recently gave out as gifts, to co-workers, family members – even the mailman.

Director Jake Kasdan has worked with both stars before – he directed Diaz in similarly raunchy comedy Bad Teacher, while he and Segel both cut their teeth on seminal teen TV series Freaks and Geeks. That show also nurtured the talents of one Judd Apatow, whose influence is clearly felt here: as well as cornering the market on the comedic sex lives of the middle-aged (Knocked Up, The 40 Year Old Virgin, This is 40), the writer/director/producer is also fond of punting Apple products (Paul Rudd is seen using an iPad on the loo in the promotional material for This is 40).

There's an argument to be made about the ubiquity of Apple products in modern life, and how this should be reflected in film. As a market leader in both phone and tablet sales, it's not unreasonable to assume that some of their products will make it into the hands of characters on-screen. That said, there's something faintly iffy about building an entire plot around the capabilities of a particular device – it feels unsavoury that corporate sponsorship was taken into account at the earliest possible stage of the project's development. The trailer for Sex Tape also brings to mind a deeper issue of class in this breed of Apatovian* comedy – Jay and Annie are typical protagonists in that they are white and resolutely upper-middle class, a nuclear family unit who can afford to dole out half a dozen iPads as Christmas gifts.

Class issues aside, it remains to be seen whether or not audiences will appreciate being marketed to quite so blatantly. Last year's The Internship was slated for its relentless bigging up of Google as an employer, although it's lack of success could be attributed to any number of factors (bad writing, bad timing... bad most things). Sex Tape may get by on the sheer likeability of Segel and Diaz, and heck, it might even have good script and direction on its side, but it might come across as a tad hypocritical when they tell audiences to turn off their phones.

Sex Tape is due for release on Fri 5 Sep.

*It should be noted that Judd Apatow is not directly involved in this project.

Sex Tape - Official International Trailer - At Cinemas September 5

Sex Tape

  • 2 stars
  • 2014
  • US
  • 1h 34min
  • 15
  • Directed by: Jake Kasdan
  • Cast: Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz, Rob Corddry
  • UK release: 3 September 2014

Happily married Annie (Diaz) and Jay (Segel) try to spice up their sex life by recording it on his iPad, but an accidental sync sends the film to several other devices; charmless slapstick ensues, with an interesting premise spoiled by a fumbled and decidedly old-fashioned treatment.