Top 5 movies featuring product placement gone wrong

Top 5 movies featuring product placement gone wrong

Featuring Torque, Mac and Me, Evolution, You've Got Mail and I, Robot

The trailer for raunchy new comedy Sex Tape debuted today, showcasing what some may call an unhealthy dedication to product placement – the film's premise is built on the syncing function of an Apple iPad. Here are five more examples of films being a little too obvious in showing where their money came from.


In this 2004 film that attempted to be The Fast and the Furious for the motorbike set, there’s a scene where two female riders are preparing to go at it on their bikes. But wait, is it girl vs girl? Or Pepsi vs Mountain Dew? Answer: neither. It's just abysmal.

I, Robot

Will Smith opens a box with a Converse logo on it – the camera even zooms in on the Converse logo after he puts his kicks on as he prepares to save the world – but this is not enough: there's a line of dialogue which makes the shoe company's support explicit when he is asked, as if we didn’t already know, 'what is that on your feet?' He answers, with a smug air of self satisfaction, 'Converse All Stars!'

Glad he cleared that one up for us.

Mac and Me

Did you ever watch ET and think, 'Wait, this needs more Big Mac!'? Mac and Me is about an alien who makes his way to Earth, and joins a family.

Sound familiar? Just a bit. But that’s not the clumsiest thing about it.

There is a bizarro five-minute long spontaneous dance scene which takes place in a McDonald's restaurant, has at least five McDonald's logos in shot at all times, and features a cameo Ronald McDonald himself.


This Ghostbusters-y sci-fi romp is actually quite entertaining – David Duchovny does a nice riff on his uber-dry X-Files persona – but the last act, where *spoiler alert* our heroes take down the alien invaders using a fire truck full of Head & Shoulders, tests the bounds of taste. Oh, and then after that scene, there's a full-on, straight up advert for H&s using the three leads as well. Go witty with your product placement, à la Wayne’s World, or go home.

You’ve Got Mail

Even the title itself of this one is awkward product placement. Back when this was filmed, AOL’s notification for incoming e-mails was, you guessed it,'you’ve got mail', and in the course of this internet-based rom-com, we’re treated to hearing this notification several hundred times. Still, at least the film didn't base its product placement around an internet service that quickly became redunda- oh, really? AOL's where now? Exactly.