Sherrybaby (3 stars)


(15) 92min (Metrodome DVD retail/rental)


A useful companion piece to the much more lauded Half Nelson, this story about a woman trying to get her life together after a prison sentence and a drug habit, utilises a quirky visual style to capture the heady exhaustion of living a straight life with an askew nervous system.

The best thing about it is Maggie Gyllenhaal as ex-jailbird and mother Sherry whose child is in danger of slipping from her as she becomes more attached to Sherry’s brother and his wife. She also has a short fuse that doesn’t exactly work in her favour. In one scene she loses it with a woman at McDonalds who mistreats her own child, and Gyllenhaal’s over-reaction easily captures a woman who knows what’s right but can’t behave herself. Extras include an interview with Gyllenhaal and a Q&A with director Laurie Collyer.

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