Andra Simons, Lake Montgomery and They They Theys lined up for Who's Your Dandy?

Andra Simons, Lake Montgomery and They They Theys lined up for Who's Your Dandy?

Lake Montgomery / Photo: Jeroen Timmer

The event coincides with the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

Who’s Your Dandy? promises to be a riot of LGBTQ music, poetry and short film. By coinciding with the Edinburgh Dyke March and the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, Sandra Alland has curated an event designed, she says, to represent the entire LGBTQ community. ‘It's important to think about creating safer and welcoming spaces for people in our communities like people of colour, minority ethnic people, migrants, trans and/or genderqueer people,’ Alland says. ‘As with all the events I curate, the focus is on artists with intersectional identities. I think it's imperative – and artistically engaging – to represent the variety of our communities onstage and up on screen.’

In keeping with the event's inclusivity, the venue is wheelchair accessible and the performances will be equipped with audio description, British Sign Language interpretation and subtitles. ‘One of the important factors about this event for the queer and trans community is that it's accessible,’ Alland explains. ‘There are so few events that disabled or deaf LGBTQ people can attend.’

The programme includes some intriguing short films. Looking for Jiro is a ‘queer musical mash-up’ examining the incarceration of Japanese Americans in World War II and featuring drag king performance, US propaganda footage, and homoerotic bread-making. Plus, there’s an animated queer love story between two rabbits in The Girl Bunnies' Big Tree; and mihee-nathalie lemoine explores race, gender and sexuality in bang bang. As well as film, you can also look forward to performances from writer Andra Simons and singer-songwriter Lake Montgomery, and a mix of poetry, music and live visuals from the They They Theys.

Filmhouse, Edinburgh, Sat 17 May.

Looking for Jiro Trailer

Trailer - Girl Bunnies - Big Tree

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Who's Your Dandy

An evening of short films, poetry and music reflecting issues in the LGBT+ community.