Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014: The top 5 comedies

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014: The top 5 comedies

Featuring Life After Beth, Displaced Perssons and A Practical Guide to a Spectacular Suicide

Anatomy of a Paper Clip

This odd title is only the start of the strangeness. Following a factory worker who spends his days bending wire into paperclips, this Japanese film floats between reality and his imagination. There’s a butterfly which takes human form, a pair of criminally incompetent thieves and an inexplicable neckbrace. A likely contender for the most tenderly strange film of the festival.
Cineworld, Sat 22 Jun; Cameo, Sat 28 Jun.

Blind Dates

The only thing worse than falling for a woman who is already married must be falling for a woman who is married to a convicted criminal. But due to sheer bad luck school teacher Sandro ends up driving both the woman he cares about and her recently released husband back from prison. Winning a special jury award at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival for its humorous approach to 'the loneliness and harshness of everyday life', this comedy promises to add the bitter to the sweet.
Cineworld, Mon 23 & Sat 28 Jun.

Displaced Perssons

It is rare that a documentary is considered funny. The Persson family have upped sticks from Pakistan to Sweden, retracing the journey that pater Pelle Persson made forty years ago. Yet despite reaching their promised land, the family struggle to adapt to the cultural differences and Pelle realises he is returning to a very different country. The humour comes about less from fish out of water capers and more from the family’s own humour and determination as they attempt to put down new roots.
Cineworld, Sun 22 Jun; Cameo, Fri 27 Jun.

Life After Beth

Just when you thought that the zombie genre couldn’t take any more incarnations, it gets a new burst of life with this ZomRomCom. When Beth (Aubrey Plaza) returns from the dead, her boyfriend Zach (Dane DeHaan) is too happy to notice the signs that she may have developed a taste for human brains. It is as much a teen love story as a gore fest, though, with Variety arguing that, despite all logic, we may find ourselves 'rooting for Zach and Beth to find a happy ending'.
Cineworld, Thu 26 Jun; Filmhouse, Fri 27 Jun.

A Practical Guide to a Spectacular Suicide

Enlightened Monster Productions won a BAFTA New Talent Award for their last feature-length film, which was made with £200. Thanks to crowdfunding, slightly larger budget this time round has allowed them to produce this film about a man who is desperate to kill himself. After several failed attempts, he rejects conventional methods to aim for a truly spectacular suicide. Filmed mainly in a town outside of Glasgow, it continues in the tradition of Scottish comedies that mingle sarcasm with sentiment.
Filmhouse, Tue 24 Jun; Odeon, Thu 26 Jun.

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