Les Visiteurs - DVD review (3 stars)

Les Visiteurs

Fremantle DVD ((15) 225min)

As the film which famously out-grossed Jurassic Park in France on its homeland release in 1993, the original Les Visiteurs holds a special place in the hearts of Francophile cinemagoers. It’s really just a reasonably fun slapstick comedy of the sort which Hollywood churns out these days, albeit the one which introduced the talents of Jean Reno to a larger audience. As the noble Sir Godefrey, and aided by his weasely manservant Jacquouille (Christian Clavier), Reno plays the medieval fish out of water thrust into modern-day France with stoic charm, although the set pieces involved are by turns impishly clever and infuriatingly childish.

The unheralded 1998 sequel, subtitled: The Corridors of Time, is well-served by the fact that it reunites almost all the original cast while ramping up both the scatological quota and the Bill and Ted-style time travel concepts. Includes Les Visiteurs trailer. (David Pollock)

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