Day Watch: Director's Cut - DVD review (3 stars)

20th Century Fox ((15) 140min)

Day Watch: Director's Cut

The second instalment in director Timur Bekmambetov’s Russian fantasy horror trilogy (based on the books of Segei Lukyanenko) focuses on a murky world where vampires, wizards and demons are locked in the eternal battle of good vs evil. The truce is once again threatened as both sides scrabble for possession of the Chalk of Fate, which has the power to rewrite history.

It’s an exhilarating ride, packed with glossy set-pieces and sophisticated SFX though it does have a tendency to drift into mystic mumbo jumbo. But who cares when the finale whips up a maelstrom of CGI as supernatural forces lay waste to Moscow, a crazed mix of The Matrix and Ghostbusters 2. Bekmambetov loves camera tricks and the twitchy editing can infuriate at times, but more often adds to the frenzied pacing. Be warned, though. Night Watch is essential prior viewing or the denouement will be frankly baffling.

This Director’s Cut includes a further eight minutes, with a ‘making of’ film and trailer as extras. (Henry Northmore)


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