Kenny - DVD review (2 stars)


Contender DVD ((15) 99min)

When a film comes billed as ‘one of Australia’s best ever comedies’, it’s difficult to know whether to be excited or petrified. From a nation who has given us the rank hospital sitcom Let the Blood Run Free and the gruesomely overrated Kath and Kim, it’s almost no surprise that this slight spoof documentary of a humble portaloo plumber stinks to high heaven.

This follows one of life’s losers, Kenny Smyth (Shane Jacobson), as he takes his Splashdown company wares to tackle lavatorial needs around the Australian festival circuit. But there is only so many times that the words ‘shit,’ or ‘shitter’ can be laughed at when uttered by a man whose speech impediment results in his difficulty at pronouncing the letter ‘s’. With extras Lifting the Lid, a documentary about this spoof documentary and equally unfunny bonus footage, Kenny is toilet humour at its most pungent. (Brian Donaldson)

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