Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (Extreme Edition) - DVD review (3 stars)

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Fox DVD ((18) 93mins)

‘Direct to DVD’ is the kiss of death in most genres, but as any self-respecting horror-phile knows, it can offer bizarre and twisted gems that would never find a cinema audience. Wrong Turn 2 fits nicely into this natural habitat. A group of wannabe reality TV stars head into the woods and find themselves battling against a deformed family of inbred redneck cannibals. Henry Rollins is the only name you’ll recognise (though Texas Battle gets an honourable mention for having one of the best names in moviedom), but Wrong Turn 2 isn’t about stars or plot it’s about deliciously inventive slaughter strung together by a passable story. The film is a catalogue of cheap but spirited splatter from the off with a few stand out moments of jaw dropping gore. It doesn’t have the acting or production values of the original, but will certainly keep you amused if you want an undemanding slice of stalk and slash action. Extras include director/writer/actor commentaries and various ‘making ofs’. (Henry Northmore)

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