The Frightened City (2 stars)

The Frightened City

Optimum DVD ((PG) 97min)

Chiefly notable for an early screen appearance from Edinburgh’s most famous former milkman, this somewhat pedestrian 1961 British film noir features Sean Connery in one of his last supporting roles, here playing a cat burglar the year before he was cast as super-spy 007.

The mainstay of the action, set in London’s West End but shot at Shepperton Studios, revolves around an unlawful partnership between Herbert Lom’s debonair accountant and Alfred Marks’ spivy racketeer and the attempts by John Gregson’s maverick policeman to break their burgeoning crooked cartel.

It would be churlish to blame the film’s lack of authenticity on Scotland Yard-appointed technical advisor Sidney Careless, but a marvellous moniker like that warrants shoe-horning into this review. The real fault rests with writer/director/producer team John Lemont and Leigh Vance for knocking out a low-rent cops ‘n’ robbers caper for UK B-movie distributor Anglo-Amalgamated. Still, there’s an enjoyably groovy scene in a Tikki bar named the Taboo Club. No extras. (Miles Fielder)

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