Witchblade Volume 1 (2 stars)

Witchblade Volume 1

(15) 100min (MVM Entertainment)


The Witchblade is a mysterious ancient artefact, a weapon of immense destructive power that binds itself to the flesh of a living female host. Here the Top Cow comics series is given the anime treatment as the action is transposed to a post-apocalyptic Tokyo with the Witchblade finding a new home in the body of young mother Masane. Dark forces gather to take advantage of the power of the Witchblade while all Masane wants is to be reunited with her feisty daughter Rihoko.

Here we get the first four episodes of the ongoing series. The animation is passable but not much of a step up from the likes of Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh and their mass produced ilk. These introductory episodes are setting the scene for the entire series but it’s a slow start and you’ll crave more action. The concept is promising, but so far not a classic of the manga genre.

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