Doctor Strange (3 stars)

Doctor Strange

(12) 74min (Lionsgate) DVD

This is the latest instalment in Marvel’s series of animated features. One of Marvel’s more out-there characters with more than a hint of 60s psychedelia about him, Doctor Strange is the world’s master of the occult and guardian of the earthly planes. This entry retells and updates his origin story and his first battle with the arch-demon Dormammu.

This is by far the most satisfying of Marvel’s animated features; there’s some decent characterisation and the voice acting and animation are solid throughout. There’s a dark edge to the story and some fairly standard eastern mysticism, but it all combines to create a coherent and engaging whole. Extras include concept art and a fairly illuminating ‘Origins of Doctor Strange’ featurette with contributions from Stan Lee himself. Also available in the The Ultimate Marvel Boxset.

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