Masters of Horror Series 2: Volume 2 (3 stars)

Masters of Horror Series 2: Volume 2

(18) 360min (Anchor Bay DVD rental/retail)


It’s a concept that should have horror fans rubbing their hands with fiendish glee. Masters of Horror gathers iconic horror directors from through the years (previous instalments have included John Carpenter, Miike Takashi and Dario Argento) and gives them free reign to direct their own stand alone one hour story. Unfortunately, this collection of the final six films in the second series is perhaps the least satisfying.

Most are fairly average, including Tobe Texas Chainsaw Massacre Hooper’s The Damned Thing, the story of a town plagued by anger; run of the mill vampire piece The V Word and Sounds Like (from director Brad Anderson, best known for The Machinist), about a man tormented by his sensitive hearing, which feels out of place with its tempered pace. Then there’s the dross: We Scream for Ice Cream’ from Tony Child’s Play Holland is an embarrassing tale focusing on a retarded ice-cream man’s revenge from beyond the grave. However, The Washingtonians (directed by Peter Medak who gave us The Krays and Species II) is a queasy black comedy featuring George Washington as a cannibal. Finally Dream Cruise, from the pen of Koji Suzuki (who gave us The Ring) adds the only real dose of chills in this collection. Entertaining but a mixed bag. Minimal extras.

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