The huge, mildly nauseating US box office returns of the new Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus 3D concert film put PlayList in mind of some of cinema’s greatest ersatz bands and non-existent singers. So, let this faux guide help you differentiate between your JD McQueens and your Kathleen Turner Overdrive.

Sure, you know your Rutles back catalogue (, and you’re no stranger to Spinal Tap ( But how familiar are you with The Wonders (, or the crazy world of Arthur Simms ( Add these urls to your bookmarks, and be the first on your block to get down with joined-at-the-hipsters The Bang Bang (, or get your late 1960s freak on with Russ Meyer protégés The Carrie Four (

Although fictional acts like The Blues Brothers and The Commitments capitalised on their popularity to become touring stage-shows, it’s a shame the same fate didn’t befall the strident rock stylings of Ellen Aim and the Attackers, who performed several numbers in Walter Hill’s 1984 rain-coats and shotguns flick Streets of Fire. Check out these two numbers from the film: ‘Nowhere Fast’ ( and ‘Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young’ ( Ellen Aim is now better known as actress Diane Lane, who was recently nominated for an Oscar, perhaps the kind of career path aspired to by Cameron Diaz when she gave voice to Julie Gianni in Vanilla Sky ( At least Adam Sandler managed to send himself up as angry young man Robbie Hart from The Wedding Singer (

Most real-life bands never recorded anything as good as The Soggy Bottom Boys and ‘I’m A Man Of Constant Sorrow’ (, so let’s salute the fakers who did it on film.