Top picks from Africa in Motion festival 2014

Top picks from Africa in Motion festival 2014

Keepers of Memory

Including screenings of films Difret and Electro Chaabi, plus live performances from The Soil and Omar Afif

The ninth Africa in Motion festival kicks off in Edinburgh today, with the UK premiere of Soleils. This year’s festival, a medley of film, music and exhibitions taking place across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling, marks the 20th anniversary of the end of Apartheid in South Africa. Alongside classics of South African cinema – like Mapantsula (Tue 8 Nov), which was banned at the time of its release – there’s a range of highlights to look out for. Here’s some of our top picks for this year’s festival.

Siliva the Zulu
A unique chance to catch the 1928 silent film on the big screen, with a fantastic live soundtrack provided by Nigerian musician Juwon Ogunbe.

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Sun 26 Oct 4.15pm.

Farsh Wa Ghata (Rags and Tatters)

Set in the early days of the Egyptian revolution and dealing with the fallout of the Arab Spring, the film focuses on a man who escapes prison due to the turmoil engulfing Cairo, and struggles to find his identity as he seeks shelter.

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Sun 26 Oct 6pm.


A Sundance Film Festival award winner that highlights the problem of female abduction into forced marriage in Ethiopia.

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Thu 30 Oct 8.30pm.

Electro Chaabi

A documentary about the new underground music craze taking over Egypt – the combination of dance-y beats and punk-y lyrics, inspired by revolutionary ideals offers insight into the mindset of the country’s youth.

Edinburgh College of Art, Tue 28 Oct 1.30pm.

March Of The Gods: Botswana Metalheads

A rockumentary exploring the life of the Heavy Metal Brotherhood in Botswana, focusing on the struggle for recognition by leading band Wrust and their triumphant performance at SoloMacello Festival in Italy.

Edinburgh College of Art, Tue 28 Oct 3pm.

Keepers of Memory

This harrowing documentary takes audiences on a journey into the Rwandan genocide, through film footage and accounts from survivors. Director Eric Kabera will be available after the screening to answer questions from the audience.

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Fri 31 Oct 8.30pm.

Future Sound of Mzansi

South African electronic music is the subject of performance artist Spoek Mathambo and filmmaker Lebogang Rasethab’s documentary exploring the cultural influence of genres such as sghubu sapitori, durban qhum, dubstep and shangaan electro on young South Africans.

Summerhall, Tue 4 Nov 9pm; CCA, Sat 8 Nov 8pm followed by a screening of Nelson Mandela Shorts.

Afrovibes Festival

This mini festival celebrates the end of Apartheid in South Africa with a series of contemporary South African productions and performances. Award-winning acapella group, The Soil combine a mix of musical styles, including jazz, hip-hop and afro-soul and will play at CCA in Glasgow (Wed 5 Nov) and at Summerhall in Edinburgh (Thu 6 Nov). Skierlik is a play exploring the aftermath of a racially motivated shooting on a remote settlement (CCA, Glasgow,Thu 6 Nov). The performance will be followed by a discussion with the playwright and performer Philip Dikotla.

Interactive Music Workshop, Glasgow Children’s Day

Omar Afif, a Gnawa musician and dancer from Morocco, will lead the Interactive Music Workshop, running as part of Glasgow Children’s Day, taking attendees on a journey into North Africa through music, dance and storytelling, using a range of Moroccan instruments.

Glasgow Film Theatre, Sat 8 Nov.

Township Cafe Series

As part of the Township Cafe Series, Omar Afif will also be performing an acoustic set with Glasgow-based music collective Seeds of Thought (CCA, Sun 9 Nov). Plus fresh from performing with Kevin Bridges, African-Glaswegian Wasasa Comedy Night is taking place in Glasgow (CCA, Mon 3 Nov) and Edinburgh (Summerhall, Tue 4 Nov).

Nelson Mandela Shorts

Commissioned in July to celebrate Mandela Day, each short film brings together one British and one South African musician, visual artist or animator. These unique partnerships have set moving images to a score of music, lasting between 90 seconds and 3 minutes.

CCA Glasgow, runs throughout Nov.

Wasasa Comedy Night

Hosted by the Kasengele Brothers, 'wasasa' basically translates as 'yer naw funny', however original comedians who steer clear of racism/sexism/homophobia make this a thought-provoking, creative night.

Africa in Motion Film Festival

Scotland’s annual celebration of African cinema heads online with screenings of animated films, features, shorts and documentaries. The 2020 festival features five key strands: Diaspora, Industry, Mamas, Queer Africa and Women in Focus.


  • Written by: Phillip Dikotla

Award winning drama written and performed by Phillip Dikotla.

Mandela Day Shorts

Three shorts (The World is Flat, Pied Piper's Voyage and Vividism) co-commissioned by The Space and Connect ZA.


Soweto a cappella vocal trio mixing jazz, hip hop, soul and Afrobeat.

Interactive Music Workshop

Interactive African music workshop with Moroccan musician Omar Afif.

African Acoustic Sound Session

African music from Omar Afif and the Seeds of Thought collective.