Little Britain Live - DVD review (1 star)

Little Britain Live

(15) 79min (2 Entertain DVD retail)


Live versions of TV comedies are nearly always disastrous, and this is no exception. Lucas and Walliams have based their inexplicably successful careers on a handful of half-decent ideas ruined by lazy writing. In fact they blatantly rip off League of Gentlemen’s live Herr Lipp sketch here involving two audience members in a game of ‘find the sausage.’ It’s a laugh-free pantomime for idiots (many of whom come dressed up as characters, the twats), a tired parade of catchphrases that relies solely on audience recognition to get by. Racist, infantile and soulless, Little Britain is depressingly indicative of the moribund state of 00s comedy. Lucas, a fine comedy performer, deserves so much better. Just another piece of crappy merchandise to add to the cash pile. Minimal extras but a limited special edition issue also out now comes with a replica tour programme.

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