Vertical Cinema and Strange Electricity at Glasgow Short Film Festival

Vertical Cinema

Pyramid Flare by Johann Lurf © Marcus Gradwohl

Festival announces two major events for 2015, including Scottish premiere of Vertical Cinema

First movies were black and white and completely silent. Then they were Technicolor and positively chatty. Now we can feast our eyes on 3D and IMAX images. Are there still new possibilities cinema can discover?

With the announced Scottish premiere of Vertical Cinema, the answer from Glasgow Short Film Festival is a resounding yes.

Vertical Cinema experiments with a new kind of experience, giving its audience the chance to view film from an alternative perspective. By breaking away from the accustomed horizontal letterbox, instead projecting its images vertically on 35mm celluloid with the help of a special projector, it creates a narrow and tall cinema space. The audience will gaze at the colourful light and sound performance on a giant vertical screen, featuring the works of ten acclaimed experimental filmmakers.

Curated by Dutch Sonic Arts, the project abandons not only the usual format, but the ordinary cinema location too. Since Vertical Cinema needs an especially high ceiling, the event is going to take place at the Victorian courtyard of The Briggait.

Scotland’s leading short film festival has a special event in store for the electronic music fans too. As part of Strange Electricity night, a digitally restored version of the Finnish electronic music documentary Sähkö The Movie will screen at Glue Factory. The film tells the story of ultra-minimalist techno label Sähkö Recordings in its mid-90s prime and the screening is followed a live set from director and Sähkö label chief Jimi Tenor, supported by Golden Teacher.

Breaking away from the Glasgow Film Festival, 2015 will be the first time GSFF has been operated as a separate festival, taking place Wed 11 to Sun 15 Mar.

Glasgow Short Film Festival

The largest competitive short film festival in Scotland celebrates diverse forms of cinematic expression that transgress the boundaries of conventional narrative film. The online 2021 festival will feature competitions and many special programmes, alongside some new specially curated programmes, filmmaker interviews and…

Vertical Cinema

A mind-blowing new way of looking at film – literally. Vertical Cinema is ten specially-commissioned pieces which are projected (vertically, of course) with a custom-built projector in vertical cinemascope. As for what to expect from the films – a mix of abstract cinema, experiments, found footage and live laser action.

Strange Electricity

Described as the ‘Holy Grail of electronic music documentaries’, this is the 20th anniversary screening of Säkhö the Movie which explores minimalist techno label Sähkö Recordings during the 90s. The screening is followed by live sets from Jimi Tenor and Golden Teacher, plus a DJ set by JD Twitch.