Nun and the Devil, The - DVD review (3 stars)

The Nun and the Devil

(18) 100min (Argent Films DVD retail)


The nun movie pretty much became a genre of its own in the 70s, with The Devils, Flavia, Killer Nun and Behind Convent Walls among the ‘nun-sploitation’ movies that got into the habit. The genre’s reputation as a titillating way of blending religion, horror, gore and sex was actually surpassed by the fact that, by and large, most of these films were handsomely shot, fairly po-faced or politicised examinations of cloistered life.

Domenico Paolella’s oddly celebrated 1973 film hardly bucks this trend. British actress Anne Heywood plays one of the nuns looking to take over as Mother Superior when the head of the nunnery dies. The internal fighting here has more to do with money, sex and politics than religion as Paolella works through the various lady’s positions. Well shot by Giuseppe Ruzzolini, and with Ornella Muti in an early supporting role. Of arcane film history interest only. No extras.

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