I Am Yours (3 stars)

I Am Yours

Amrita Acharia excels in the feature debut of Norwegian director Iram Haq

Anchored by a splendid lead performance from Amrita Acharia, but a little directionless otherwise, this semi-autobiographical Norwegian drama from debut writer-director Iram Haq examines one young woman’s struggle to accommodate the pressures of single motherhood, a demanding family, an unpredictable career and a fast-changing roster of boyfriends.

A rebel since childhood, Mina (Acharia) has passed part of her youth being shuttled back and forth from her family’s native Pakistan to Norway in an effort to control her behaviour. An early marriage has failed to take and Mina is now single in Oslo with a young son and a mother who can’t forgive her for letting her catch of a husband go. One way in which Mina can console herself is with sexual conquests; she’s catnip for the kind of man who likes to make a swift impression on a young, wild, experimental girl, but that’s not necessarily the same kind of man who’s interested in helping her raise her child.

Ola Rapace, as the Swedish boyfriend who lures her and rejects her, embodies perfectly a certain kind of narcissistic hipster dilettante, while Acharia finds the poignancy as well as the silliness and the eroticism in Mina’s perpetual state of sexual availability. Mina as a mother comes across a bit less forcefully; and the story suffers from a general lack of focus, tending to satisfy itself with a shallow wallow in Mina’s increasing self-pity, rather than providing much insight into her state of mind or illuminating it by way of subplots. It’s one thing to try and portray a complicated modern woman, another to just get caught up in someone’s self-interest.

Acharia – who’ll be known to some viewers from her role in Game of Thrones – is the real draw here, keeping Mina absolutely watchable and appealing, even when her behaviour becomes something of a repetitive cycle.

Selected release from Fri 30 Jan.

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I Am Yours (Jeg er din)

  • 3 stars
  • 2013
  • Norway
  • 1h 36min
  • 18
  • Directed by: Iram Haq
  • Cast: Amrita Acharia, Ola Rapace, Prince Singh
  • UK release: 30 January 2015

Mina (Acharia) is a Pakistan-born young woman living as a single mother in Oslo after a marriage that didn't take, who falls for narcissistic hipster Jesper (Rapace), to the disapproval of her hyper-critical mother. Despite a somewhat repetitive script, Acharia gives a splendid lead performance, ensuring that Mina is…