Ghost Game

(15) 100min (Showbox/Cine-Asia DVD retail/rental)


While the recent glut of J-horror shares similar imagery and folklore, this Thai entry is more Big Brother-meets-The Evil Dead as 11 young gameshow contestants are sent to a haunted prison camp to compete for a five million baht prize, awarded to the last man or woman standing.

The film caused massive controversy, and was eventually banned in Cambodia on its release, as the prison featured closely echoed the real life site Tuol Sleng, S-21 used by the Khmer Rouge. Despite this interesting premise, a few creepy moments and the quirk that all the kids are played by the real life contestants on Thailand’s American Idol-style talent show Academy Fantasia, this is fairly average stuff, which features lots of running around in the dark while vengeful ghosts pop up every ten minutes or so. Minimal extras.

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