Listen to director John Carpenter’s new album Lost Themes

Listen to director John Carpenter’s new album Lost Themes

Filmmaker famed for his iconic scores as much as his cult classic films releases standalone album

It’s impossible to talk about John Carpenter’s cult classic films of the 70s and 80s without also recognising the importance, and the influence, of his work composing the scores those films. Films like Assault on Precinct 13, Halloween and Escape from New York defined the era as one that flourished in horror, sci-fi and tech-noir thrillers.

Excitingly, the filmmaker is set to release his first standalone album, Lost Themes, featuring never before heard music in keeping with his oeuvre of dark, brooding and sinister synth melodies. To put on some noise-cancelling headphones and listen is to be transported to an imaginary world of supernatural serial killers, dystopian futures and other cheery places.

But seriously, it’s amazing. NPR has the full album to preview in a playlist, but you can listen to the track 'Night' below. You’re welcome!

Lost Themes is released 2 Feb on Sacred Bones Records.

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