Green Man, The - DVD review (4 stars)

The Green Man

(U) 90min (Optimum Classics DVD retail)


Aside from being quite possibly the great comic actor Alistair Sim’s finest hour, The Green Man is also one of the very best post-war British comedies. Directed by camera operator Robert Day, with the uncredited assistance of old pro Basil Dearden, and scripted by writing partners Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat (from their play Meet A Body), it combines country house murder mystery with sex farce and throws pitch perfect black humour into the brew.

Sim plays a mild mannered watchmaker whose hobby is the assassination of society’s unwanted (in this case a politician), each target dispatched with fiendish ingenuity and precision timing. George Cole’s door-to-door salesman is the lively lad who gets a whiff that’s something’s amiss when he tries to sell Sim’s sexy neighbour Jill Adams a vacuum cleaner. By the time things come to a head at the titular clifftop inn in best farcical fashion, you’ll have laughed your socks clean off. Minimal extras.

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