Cat Video Festival gets Scottish premiere at Glasgow Film Festival

Cat Video Festival gets Scottish premiere at Glasgow Film Festival

Bane Cat

Don't know your Keyboard Cat from your Bane Cat? We've got you covered

In 2015, Glasgow Film Festival and GOMA present the first offline celebration of online cat videos to take place in Scotland. The Internet Cat Video Festival has been produced and curated by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and offers viewers continuous feline footage ranging from six-second vines to short films.

Demand for tickets was so high that a second screening has been arranged, with tickets only available on the day. If you haven’t succumbed to the fuzzy allure of cat videos, prefer to think of yourself as a 'dog person', or just don’t have a computer, here’s a summary of the key players in the world of moggy montage.

Keyboard Cat
One of the originals, the keyboard cat video has been viewed a staggering 38 million times. It’s of a ginger cat called Fatso, wearing a blue shirt and ‘playing’ an electric keyboard. The video, which lasts less than a minute, has sparked a series of internet memes, spoofs and even a copyright lawsuit from the cat's owner.

Maru is a male Scottish Fold cat living in Japan who takes the theme of Eve Sutton’s childrens’ books My Cat Likes To Hide In Boxes to new extremes. Not a small chap, Maru loves to squeeze his bulk, or his face, into all manner of objects, boxes, plastic cups, paper bags. His owner has even staged an experiment where Maru is presented with smaller and smaller boxes to see if he’ll keep attempting to squirm inside.

Cats Being Jerks
There are hundreds of clip videos dedicated to animals being jerks, with cats boasting a sub-genre all of their own. Cats being jerks to humans, to each other, to inanimate objects, all while their adoring owners look on, camera in hand. If you’ve not seen a kitty push its friend down the stairs, you’re missing out on some classic slapstick.

Bane Cat
Other cat owners have gone a step further than just filming their pets' everyday antics, and have cast them as actors in their own shorts. Wearing the mask and fur-lined jacket her namesake sports in The Dark Knight Rises, Bane Cat terrorises her owner using the voice of super villain Bane. She now has her own series, including a Christmas special.

Simon’s Cat
You don’t need to be a real cat to get big hits online. Simon’s Cat is an animated cartoon by Simon Tofield based on his own experiences as a cat owner. The series of comic short videos illustrate the exploitative antics of a permanently ravenous house cat and his long-suffering owner.

Cat Video Festival, GOMA, Sat 21 Feb & Sun 1 Mar.

Cat Video Festival

GoMA and Glasgow Film Festival present the UK premiere of the Internet Cat Video Festival. No longer a guilty habit, the watching of feline clips has gone mainstream. The videos in the programme range from clips dating back to 1901, to animations and shorts featuring some more familiar feline faces.