Dead by Dawn 2015 at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse

Dead by Dawn 2015 at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse

When Animals Dream / Rolf Konow

The horror film festival returns with Ava's Possessions, When Animals Dream, Re-Animator and more

Since 1993, Dead by Dawn has been giving Scotland nightmares. As the UK's longest continually running horror film festival, it has unearthed some truly terrifying treasures within the genre.

'It's a discovery festival which means it showcases the finest new talent,' explains festival director Adele Hartley. 'We were the first genre festival in the UK to screen films from Neil Marshall, Jaume Balagueró, Alexandre Aja and Peter Jackson.'

Depending on your stamina you can buy a full weekend pass at an incredibly reasonable £75; opt for individual film tickets or go for 'evil mini-me event' Spawn of Dawn on Sat 25 Apr, screening a selection of five features and up to ten shorts selected from the programme.

2015's lineup promises to up the shock quota even further. 'We really are looking at the future of the genre, amazing talents who are breathing new life into horror,' adds Hartley. 'Plenty of laughs, scares, surprises and lots of truly exciting films.' The classics selection features Manhunter, The Vanishing, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Dagon and Re-Animator while the new films include Ava's Posessions, The Pool, When Animals Dream, Cub, Blood Punch, Amigo Undead and Musarañas (aka Shrew's Nest) with more still to be announced.

Filmhouse, Edinburgh, Thu 23—Sun 26 Apr.

Dead by Dawn

The Filmhouse's horror fest hosts a selection of premieres, classics, short films and special guests.