Les Patterson Saves The World (2 stars)

Les Patterson Saves The World

(15) 85min (Arrow DVD retail)


Strewth! When an unfortunate incident involving fart-burning at the UN sees Sir Les Patterson ignite Mustafa Toul, dictator of an oil rich middle eastern state, our hero is sent there to make amends. From there he becomes involved in a plot by a Colonel Qaddafi lookalike to infect the world’s dunny seats with a virus that’d make you as crook as Rookwood. Luckily, Dame Edna, secret operative for the CIA, is on hand to save the day.

Barry Humphries himself co-scripted George Miller’s film, presumably with the intention of launching his noted comic grotesques, Dame Edna and Les onto the silver screen. Sadly though, much of the material here, seemingly a right-wing riposte to the bleak geopolitics of Whoops Apocalypse (released in the same year) falls flat through an excessive reliance on scatology and innuendo. The film shows its 1987 origins at every turn. There are some good performances from some notable Aussie character actors, Pamela Stephenson and Humphries himself, but not enough to light up anything brighter than the gastric accident that initiates the action. Little in the way of extras.

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