Doctor Who film and other TV series we want made into movies

Doctor Who film and other TV series we want made into movies

According to reports, leaked e-mails suggest a Doctor Who movie is on the cards

As reports of Doctor Who on the big screen emerge, we dream of a Friends movie, Gilmore Girls film and more

Whovians, brace yourselves. According to the Independent, a series of leaked emails between Sony executives reveal that a Doctor Who film is being planned, and will be hitting the silver screen within the next eight years (which is basically nothing in Who time).

Since we’ve got a while to wait, we decided to fill our time by dreaming of all the TV-to-film transitions that never were, but should have been.

The One Where They Make A Movie is the ultimate dream for Friends fans, and one industrious YouTuber even went so far as to make a fake trailer, which has had over 14 million views so far. If this doesn’t prove how much the world needs Joey, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, the chick and the duck back in their lives, what does? In terms of plot, we suggest a Rachel / Gunther love affair, while the rest of the cast sit down and give Matt Le Blanc a good talking to for the disaster that was Joey.

Gilmore Girls
Lorelai and Rory Gilmore made the 90s that much more bearable, but when the series ended after seven seasons, some fans were left a little disappointed. While Rory went off to follow Barack Obama on the campaign trail (spoiler alert: he becomes President), Lorelai’s story was left a little ambiguous. Yes, we saw her smooch Luke, but did they ever get married? Did they have coffee cake at their wedding? Did Luke ever take off that baseball cap? So many unanswered questions, but a feature-length film should clear a few things up.

Breaking Bad
You may have heard of a little-known TV series called Breaking Bad? It was alright, y’know, and apparently it has a rather big fan base. Reportedly, Bryan Cranston, who plays protagonist Walter White, once teased during an interview that he wasn’t sure that Walt was really dead. After all, nobody saw a body bag, did they? This sent the internet into overdrive, with fans speculating that the series could be developed into a movie. It already has a spin-off, why not a mega-blockbuster?

Sons of Anarchy
Biker-boy series Sons of Anarchy is reportedly going to be ridin’ onto the big screen, with the story of Jacks and the rest of the MC crew set to run beyond the show’s seven seasons. According to an interview with Hollywood Today, the series’ writer, producer, and director Kurt Sutter said: ‘People absolutely loved the show, as did I, and I have put a lot of thought into the matter, and we are going forward with turning it into a feature film.’

Downton Abbey
According to some reports, everyone’s favourite quaint period drama could be being made into a film, with the award-winning ITV show due to conclude next series. Executive Producer Gareth Neame said: 'I can confirm that there have been rumours that there might be a Downton movie. Our position on that is that we would be very interested.’

Friends: The Movie (2015 Trailer)