Legend trailer: first look at Tom Hardy as the Kray twins

Legend trailer: first look at Tom Hardy as the Kray twins

Teaser for biopic about infamous London gangsters Reggie and Ronnie looks glorious

‘Me and my brother, we’re gonna rule London.’ The teaser trailer has landed for the new biopic of 1960 Britain’s most notorious criminal brothers the Kray twins, and it has us very excited.

Written and directed by Brian Helgeland – who won the Academy Award for his LA Confidential screenplay, and was nominated for Mystic River – Legend looks to capture the style of the era, and the criminal cool of genre classics such as Long Good Friday, Get Carter and Sexy Beast, with a dash of Hollywood polish.

The headline act here is Tom Hardy playing both Ronald and Reginald Kray. If anyone can find individual nuances while channelling the charisma and coiled danger of these brothers who once ruled London, it’s Hardy.

Support comes from the wonderful Australian actress Emily Browning (Sleeping Beauty, Pompeii) as Frances Shea, Reggie’s first wife, as well as Christopher Eccleston and David Thewlis.

Check out the trailer below, then scour the internet to find yourself a suitable pair of Tom Ford glasses so you can look retro and devilishly handsome too.

Legend is released 11 Sep.


  • 3 stars
  • 2015
  • UK
  • 2h 11min
  • 18
  • Directed by: Brian Helgeland
  • Cast: Tom Hardy, Emily Browning, Christopher Eccleston
  • UK release: 11 September 2015

Biopic of East End gangsters Ronnie Kray (Hardy) and Reggie Kray (Hardy again), charting their rise and fall. Hardy puts in excellent work, especially as Reggie, but the overall tone is far too glossy and reverential, and both screenplay and camera flinch from the worst of the violence.