Unknown White Male - DVD review (4 stars)

Unknown White Male

(PG) 88min (Shooting People DVD retail)


Having lost touch with his pal Douglas Bruce, now a successful New York stockbroker, word came to Rupert Murray that Bruce had woken up one day with his previous 37 years wiped from his memory. Having fended off other interested parties in the story, Murray flew to America, interviewing Bruce’s stunned family and close acquaintances and engineering an awkward and painful reunion with Bruce’s old mates back in Blighty. The core question seems to be: how important to you is the past when it’s been lost? For Bruce, disturbingly, fascinatingly, it seems utterly irrelevant.

At a time when the US was reeling with the stories of JT LeRoy (a fictitious writer) and James Frey (who made up chunks of his dramatic autobiography), many were sceptical about this ‘true story’ of an amnesiac. As part of the extras package, we catch up with our amnesiac today and hear the filmmakers tackle the accusations of fakery head on.

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