Must watch mesmerising trailer released for Gutterdämmerung, cult status guaranteed

Gutterdämmerung trailer released

The 'loudest silent movie on Earth' features a rock-star-studded lineup

Richard Wagner was an immensely gifted composer, but such an egotist that he and his wife preserved his own nose hair clippings. His 1876 opera Götterdämmerung ('Twilight of the Gods') was written as the climax of his epic four-day opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen, a tragic saga about fate, greed and the destiny of man. Which is why we think he wouldn't be overly chuffed about the impending release of Bjorn Tagemose's Gutterdämmerung, a movie in which Henry Rollins, Grace Jones, Iggy Pop, Slash, Mark Lanegan, Tom Araya, Lemmy from Motorhead and two blokes from Eagles of Death Metal compete to gain control of Satan's guitar.

The trailer for Gutterdämmerung was released today, and although the film is billed as a 'silent movie', we're not sure where they're going with that since Henry Rollins unleashes a very, very audible 'BRING! ME! THAT! GUITAR!', one minute and 43 seconds into the trailer. The film is set in a world in which God has taken Satan's evil guitar away from humanity, leaving us devoid of sex, drugs, rock and, for that matter, roll. In very much a kind of Prometheus-type deal, a punk angel (Iggy Pop) returns the guitar to humanity, whereupon an evil puritan priest (Henry Rollins) manipulates a naïve girl (Olivia Vinall) into getting the guitar and destroying it. Vinall, an emerging English stage actress who was generally regarded as the best thing about Tom Stoppard's recent The Hard Problem, is about the only proper thesp among all these rock monsters, and will hopefully ground the whole thing in more than cameos and scenery-chewing.

But the real selling point is that screenings of Gutterdämmerung are accompanied by a live rock band! This may put a damper on its playability as a DVD, but cult status of one sort or another is assured.

Gutterdämmerung is screened at the Forum in London on 12 Nov, in a special event featuring Henry Rollins and Eagles of Death Metal's Jesse Hughes.


  • 2016
  • US
  • Directed by: Bjorn Tagemose
  • Cast: Lemmy Kilmister, Grace Jones, Iggy Pop, Joshua Homme, Slash, Mark Lanegan, Jesse Hughes, Tom Araya, Henry Rollins, Olivia Vinall, Tuesday Cross, Justice, Nina Hagen, Volbeat

Describing itself as the Loudest Silent Movie on Earth, this is a fantasy film with a live rock accompaniment. The film features rock legends Iggy Pop, Grace Jones, Henry Rollins, Slash, Joshua Homme, Slayer's Tom Araya and Motörhead's Lemmy. We imagine it'll be like The Expendables but with guitars.