Vegas Baby (1 star)

Vegas Baby

(15) 86min (Momentum DVD rental/retail)


One of the problems with Eric Bernt’s wannabe lad comedy is that there’s a twist in the tale that even the planners for Heathrow Terminal 5 could spot in advance. But it’s not the only problem.

There is indeed nothing to salvage from this lamentable sex farce, the dim, episodic structure of which leads to nowhere good. The dialogue is about as funny as the Gallipoli Campaign and some of the attitudes displayed to female bodies that are anything less than those of porn stars is distasteful. The plot, for what it’s worth, involves a bachelor party in Vegas going spectacularly wrong, as well as casino robberies, FBI arrests and menacing hardmen. But who cares? Unlike more notable contributions to the genre (Bachelor Party, Porkies, etc) there isn’t enough characterisation to give a hoot about these unlikeable boys. There’s a ‘Making Of’ documentary among the extras.

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