In Memory of Me (3 stars)

In Memory of Me

(U) 114min (Artificial Eye DVD retail)


What happens when life no longer tastes so sweet? One option is to undergo a period of spiritual training that will eventually lead to the priesthood. As with much of the best Italian cinema in recent years, Saverio Costanzo continues the hushed, vaguely or concretely spiritual fascination with the quietly familiar from Marco Bellocchio’s My Mother’s Smile, Paolo Franchi’s The Spectator and Nanni Moretti’s The Son’s Room.

Here it becomes the core of the film, as Andrea (Christo Jivkov) enters a Venetian Monastic order and finds out whether he is up to the task of a cloistered life. Utilising a visual geometry to express the ‘inner elusiveness’, Costanzo wonders whether the pristine rooms, the long corridors and the white walls can help a man find his faith or leads him to lose his psychological coordinates. So much, it seems, depends on the individual. For some it’s the discovery of inner purpose, for others the realisation of an internal hell. Extras include a ‘making of’ film and an interview with the director.

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