Best of FrightFest at Glasgow Film Festival 2016

Best of FrightFest at Glasgow Film Festival 2016

Natalie Dormer in The Forest

The Forest, Patchwork, Martyrs and The Wave screen as part of the horror film festival

FrightFest is the UK's première horror film festival and the latest Glaswegian instalment offers two full days of terror for Scottish fear fans at this year's GFF. 2016's line-up is typically eclectic featuring films from Turkey, China, Norway, the UK, America and beyond. Taking in everything from disturbing anthology Southbound to the martial arts madness of SPL2: A Time for Consequences. We take a sneaky peak at the full lineup of 13 films to bring you our terrifying top tips.

The Creepy One: The Forest

Tapping into the J-horror craze that fuelled our nightmares in the late 90s / early 00s. Natalie Dormer plays Sara Price who's identical twin has gone missing in the Aokigahara Forest surrounding Mount Fuji. Cue spooky Japanese ghosts and things that go bump in the night as Dormer sets out to find her sister with a bit of help from Taylor Kinney. (please note tickets for The Forest must be brought separately and aren't included with the FrightFest weekend pass).
Thu 25 Feb, GFT, 9pm.

The Big One: Cell

Best of FrightFest at Glasgow Film Festival 2016

A freaky phone signal broadcast on mobile networks turns anyone using a cell phone into a rabid, mindless, violent killer. This world première of Cell, the latest Stephen King adaptation to hit the big screen, stars John Cusack, Samuel L Jackson and Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan), a massive coup for FF Glasgow.
Fri 26 Feb, GFT, 6.30pm.

The Funny One: Patchwork

Three girls get drunk on a big night out only to wake up grafted together as a hideous Frankenstein monster in this gleefully gory homage to the films of Frank Henenlotter and Stuart Gordon.
Fri 26 Feb, GFT, 11.15pm.

The Action Packed One: The Wave

Big scale high octane disaster movie thrills. A huge wave hits Norway leaving chaos and carnage in its wake and directed by FrightFest favourite Roar Uthaug (Cold Prey).
Sat 27 Feb, GFT, 10am.

The Gory One: Baskin

There are a few contenders for this crown but Baskin, the début feature from Turkish director Can Evrenol, looks like it'll rule the roost when it comes to bloodshed as a group of cops stumble on a satanic ritual. Packed with guts, gore and all manner of grisly, gristly cannibalistic nastiness.
Sat 27 Feb, GFT, 7.05pm.

The Controversial One: Martyrs

Not only the subject matter but that this remake even exists has caused consternation in the horror community. Pascal Laugier's 2008 French original is a a much loved exceptionally brutal yet strangely beguiling slice of New Wave French Extremism that transgressed ideas of metaphysical violence, nihilism and spirituality. Can Kevin and Michael Goetz's American version possibly match the visceral beauty of the original?
Sat 27 Feb, GFT, 9.30pm.

FrightFest passes cost £70 and are available now. Tickets for individual film screenings and The Forest go on sale Mon 25 Jan.

**UPDATE 9 Feb**
Article previously stated that Natalie Dormer would be in attendance and introducing her film The Forest, however the festival has announced she can no longer attend.