10 best Irish films and TV shows on Netflix for St Patrick's Day

10 best Irish films and TV shows on Netflix for St Patrick's Day

Film and television from Ireland including Calvary, Frank and Jimmy's Hall

St Patrick's Day is a perfect excuse to indulge in a dose of Irish culture. And considering the talent to come out of the Emerald Isle it's no surprise that there is a great section of Irish films and TV on Netflix. Irish filmmaking offers everything from comedy to action via drama and horror, perfect for your own St Paddy's Day celebrations.


Gripping drama shot in County Sligo, Calvary starts as Father James (Brendan Gleeson) is told in the confessional that he will be killed next Sunday giving him a week to get his affairs in order.


Quirky comedy drama loosely based on Jon Ronson's account of his time with eccentric stand up Frank Sidebottom. Michael Fassbender is the man behind the oversized paper-mache mask, leader of oddball band The Soronprfbs which Domhnall Gleeson is asked to join. Directed by Irish filmmaker Lenny Abrahamson who also directed recent Oscar-winner Room.


A very Irish sci-fi / horror / comedy as a tentacled sea beast attacks a small coastal town. However it is allergic to alcohol so the locals must stay drunk to survive.


Former marine Gina Carano goes on the run in fast paced globe trotting action feature from Steven Soderbergh that was mainly filmed in Ireland. Includes a mission to Dublin and Russborough House in County Wicklow that goes horribly wrong, featuring Michael Fassbender.

Jack Taylor

10 best Irish films and TV shows on Netflix for St Patrick's Day

TV adaptation of Ken Bruen's novels. Iain Glen (Game of Thrones' 'Sir Friendzone') takes the title role as a hard-boiled private detective in Galway.

Jimmy's Hall

Esteemed director Ken Loach tackles the true story of Jimmy Gralton (played by Barry Ward) who returns to Ireland after ten years in America who sets about trying to reopen a dancehall in County Leitrim.

Leprechaun: Origins

We are in no way saying Leprechaun: Origins is a good film. Far from it, but if you've had far too many Guinnesses and a cheeky whiskey or three you might enjoy this silly slasher / monster mash up as a homicidal leprechaun (played by WWE wrestler Hornswoggle) dispatches a group of dumb American teenagers.


Colin Farrell stars as a fisherman who catches a woman (Alicja Bachleda) in his net in this ethereal romantic drama based on the legend of the selkie (a mythological creature that can transform between seal and human). Written and directed by Neil Jordan.


10 best Irish films and TV shows on Netflix for St Patrick's Day

Gabriel Byrne plays a pathologist in 50s Dublin in this BBC adaptation of John Banville's crime novels (written under the pseudonym Benjamin Black).

Tommy Tiernan: Crooked Man

Hilariously ramshackle off the wall comedy from Donegal's Tommy Tiernan, captured in full flight at City Limits Comedy, Cork, by Richard Ayoade. And if you are in the mood for even more Irish stand up check out Ed Byrne: Different Class, also available on Netflix.