Indiscretion of an American Wife (3 stars)

Indiscretion of an American Wife

(U) 69min (Freemantle DVD rental/retail)


Coming in at just over an hour, this is a film that can be found in different versions (another one goes under the title of Terminal Station). This one’s strength lies in another of Montgomery Clift’s troubled incarnations (I Confess, A Place in the Sun). Falling in love with fellow American Jennifer Jones at Rome Central, Clift’s the professor who can’t quite let go. This hardly passes for the neo-realism we expect from Vittoria Bicycle Thieves De Sica but it has moments of bustle, and producer David O Selznick might not have cared much for realism (Truman Capote was drafted in to work on neo-realist master Cesare Zavattini’s script), but he did at least want the film shot in the recently built railway station. An interesting oddity.

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