Best films playing at Dundead 2016

Best films playing at Dundead 2016

Green Room

Our picks from the sixth edition of Dundee’s Horror Film Festival

Dundead Film Festival kicks off in Dundee for its sixth annual celebration of all things shock and horror in celluloid form. Okay, mostly digital form, but let’s not split hairs. Unless you’re the lucky holder of a full festival pass to all 15 events, you’re going to have to make some tough choices about what to see. We’ve taken a look at the lineup and come up with some recommendations for what we would want to see at the festival.

Green Room (dir. Jeremy Saulnier)
Debut feature Blue Ruin, starring Macon Blair, was a stone cold revenge cult hit for director Saulnier in 2013. He returns with Green Room, another edge-of-your-seat thriller, which sees Anton Yelchin-fronted punk rock band the Ain’t Rights trapped backstage at a club filled with neo-Nazis lead by club owner Patrick Stewart (yes, that Patrick Stewart). Things go a bit pear-shaped when the band witness a murder, which, let’s be honest, would put a damper on any gig, punk or otherwise. Expected the tension to have to gnawing your nails down to your elbow.
Thu 28 Apr at 9pm

Time Bandits (dir. Terry Gilliam)
An all-time favourite for romantics and explorer types. Less horror and more fantasy-comedy realm (unless you’re 14 years old and the thought of being turned into a pig terrifies you), the cast behind Time Bandits is just as brilliant today as it was in 1981, including John Cleese, Sean Connery, Michael Palin, David Warner and Ian Holm. Laced with healthy doses of absurdity and irreverence, Time Bandits deserves its place in British cult film history.
Sat 30 Apr at 1pm

The Wes Craven retrospective
Filmmaker Wes Craven’s death in 2015 robbed horror of arguably its most visionary director of the last 40 years and Dundead is showcasing four films spanning his career. Kicking off with The Hills Have Eyes (1977), followed by Freddy Kruger’s debut A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), blockbuster genre-redefiner Scream (1996) and finishing up with noughties thriller Red Eye (2005). But which to see? Well, seen as the 80s are fashionable again we say Nightmare on Elm Street – it’s rare you’ll get a chance to see the slasher horror that ruined sleep for millions of teenagers for years.
Fri 29 Apr at 11pm

Southbound (dir. Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner, Patrick Horvath, Radio Silence)
Back on the new releases come anthology horror / sci-fi / thriller Southbound from the filmmaker behind 2012’s V/H/S. The film features five connecting tales, and follows the fate of separate groups of travellers on a stretch of desert highway. Think Paris Je t’aime meets Wolf Creek by way of Jeepers Creepers.
Fri 29 Apr at 9pm

The Final Terror (dir. Andrew Davis)
One of the horror cinephiles, reaching back to 1983 Dundead programmers have unearthed this retro classic that most are unlikely to have ever heard of. All you really need to know about the plot is a group of youngsters on a rural camping trip find themselves hunted by a merciless killer who picks them off one by one (basically horror movie plot 101). Director Davis went on to make The Fugitive and the film features Rachel Ward and Darryl Hannah. Presented on 35mm film and uncut. A real treat.
Sun 1 May at 6.30pm

Dundead Horror Film Festival

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