POUTfest Film Festival announces screenings

POUTfest Film Festival announces screenings


Girls Lost, Closet Monster and Holding the Man to be shown across Scotland

Cinemas across Scotland will get a taste of POUTfest this summer, as a programme of screenings gets underway. From Thu 21 Jul–Sat 27 Aug a series of international feature films and British shorts grace the screens of Glasgow Film Theatre; Belmont Cinema, Aberdeen; Eden Court, Inverness; and Filmhouse, Edinburgh. Topics covered in the programme include the adventures of 16th century Swedish Queen Christina, contemporary urban life, and the 1980s AIDS epidemic. POUTfest programme:

The Girl King

The story of Kristina Vasa, the first native female sovereign of Sweden, who became Queen in 1632, aged six, after her father died on the battlefield. Raised as a prince, Kristina fights conservatism she faces as a woman, as well as her awakening sexuality.
Thu 21 Jul, GFT; Fri 22 Jul, Eden Court; Sat 13 Aug, Filmhouse

Boys on Film

A selection of gay British short films from the UK’s emerging filmmakers. Featuring G O’Clock, a look at London’s chemsex scene; Night Stand, the Stephen Fry-produced tale of hook ups and fear; and Sauna the Dead: A Fairy Tale, a blend of 80s fantasy movies, Disney and zombies.
Thu 28 Jul, GFT

Girl Lost

Three teen girls are bored with misogyny and sexual confusion, when they discover a plant which can temporarily transform them into boys. The way they view the world is also changed, and while two girls appreciate the experiment, for one of them, it’s a dream come true.
Sat 23 Jul, Belmont; Sat 20 Aug, Filmhouse

Closet Monster

A young boy in Canada, whose only friend is his pet hamster Buffy, learns the depths of homophobia when his father tells him a story of a hate crime involving a young gay man. Confronting his own sexuality, he has to escape, but this leads to a shocking confrontation.
Thu 4 Aug, GFT; Sat 20 Aug, Belmont; Sat 27 Aug, Filmhouse

Holding the Man

Two schoolboys fall in love and remain together for nearly 20 years. The film deals with the strength and power of love, as their life together is explored, as well as the illnesses that are driving them apart. Featuring cameos from Geoffrey Rush, Guy Pearce and Kerry Fox.
Sat 6 Aug, Filmhouse


Elliot is a young man, on holiday with his mother who has recently separated from her husband, meets an intriguing French man. As they become close, Elliot begins to recognise his sexuality and come to terms with being alienated from his mother.
Fri 29 Jul, Eden Court

POUTfest runs across Scotland, Thu 21 Jul–Sat 27 Aug.


A series of international film and British shorts touring cinemas across Scotland. Cinemas involved: Glasgow Film Theatre; Belmont Cinema, Aberdeen; Eden Court, Inverness, and Filmhouse, Edinburgh.