Preview: Scotland Loves Anime

Scotland Loves Anime

Annual festival of Japanese animation and film returns

Characterised by its infusion of vivid colours, imaginative storylines and vibrant graphics, anime is a distinctive part of Japanese popular culture and an icon of its modern artistry. For Andrew Partridge, director of local festival Scotland Loves Anime, it's the variety and breadth of the genre that makes it so special. 'By and large,' he says, 'there are more animated works in Japan aimed at adults than in the west. The content you get is rather different to how animation is perceived internationally too. So one of the key reasons people respond to it, I think, is that it is so different (and cool).'

Offering enthusiasts and newcomers the opportunity to see top anime films on the big screen, Scotland Loves Anime is responsible for bringing preeminent Japanese animation to the region annually. This year's festival boasts another terrific lineup. Partridge's top picks are A Silent Voice, Belladonna of Sadness and Your Name. Talking about Your Name, he says, 'if we're going to label any film as being 'on the level of Ghibli' in 2016, this is it. This screening is well ahead of its November main theatrical [release] too.'

Anime fans at the festival will get to enjoy premieres, special guests and an education day. 'There is helpfully an introduction before every film from Dr Jonathan Clements, co-author of The Anime Encyclopedia,' adds Andrew. 'It may not help beyond a pub quiz in the future, but you should walk out with some new knowledge from every film.'

Glasgow Film Theatre, Fri 14–Sun 16 Oct; Filmhouse, Edinburgh, Mon 17–Sun 23 Oct.

Scotland Loves Anime

One for lovers of Japanese animated cinema, the festival showcases the latest Japanese animation with experts on hand to provide behind-the-scenes information.