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Name Lukas Moodysson

Born Malmo, Sweden, 17 January 1969.

Background Moodysson came to prominence with his debut film, Show Me Love (for some reason the much better Swedish title Fucking Amal was not used in the UK). In a country starved of fresh young talent, Moodysson was quickly proclaimed the new Bergman - a title that he has since been trying to disprove with the eclectic Together, Lilya 4-ever and A Hole in My Heart.

What’s he up to now? Moodysson’s new film Container has two soundtracks, one Russian, one American (voiced by Jena Malone). It’s also been shown in three different incarnations in art galleries around the world, first in Sweden, then Denmark and now in Britain. The film is shown in a small room, brimful of crazy stuff that Moodysson has collected over the years, and many trashy items such as recent copies of Heat and Zoo Magazines. Moodysson says the idea behind the film ‘came to me from reading the bible. I wanted to know what would happen if a 13- or 14-year-old girl came out, today, and said that she is about to give birth to a baby who is God’s child.’

What he says about inner voices ‘I have a lot of voices in me. I think everyone does. The strangest person I have inside me is one that is organised - I really didn’t know that I had that person inside me because I have really started to become quite organised. All the chaotic voices inside me, I’m not surprised by them, but when I start to feel better because I’ve done the dishes then that is strange to me. As a director I’m not very organised; I rely very much on my collaborators to help me stay organised.’

Interesting fact Lukas Moodysson cast Jena Malone after she sent him a letter telling him how much she loved his work. The director showed her ten minutes of the film before getting her to ad-lib the voiceover.

Container is at Filmhouse, Edinburgh from Fri 15-Mon 18 Dec only & GFT, Glasgow from Fri 29-Sun 31 Dec only.

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