Film in the Old College Quad returns to Edinburgh

Film in the Old College Quad returns to Edinburgh

Jaws, Aliens, Die Hard and more on the bill at the outdoor film festival

If you thought that outdoor film festivals were just a summer thing, well then friend, prepare to remove the egg from your face. Film in the Old College Quad returns in all its autumnal splendour this September, with a three-day programme of classic films.

The festival starts on Friday with Jaws (1975): the story of a killer shark which made a whole generation of people afraid to go into the water. After you've had your mind utterly blown by the terror that lies within the world's oceans, you can roll with that fragile mental state and enjoy a viewing of Inception (2010), which deals with matters of the subconscious, and… actually, who really knows what Inception is about.

Saturday's screenings kick off with a free, family-friendly screening of emotion-heavy animation Inside Out (2015), which is followed by Labyrinth (1986) (oh, Bowie). After that, there's popera Pitch Perfect 2 (2015), spy thriller Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014), and the Sigourney Weaver classic, Aliens (1986).

Sunday morning begins with a free screening of Home (2015), which follows the story of a lovable misfit from another planet who lands on earth. After that, Mowgli and co get their moment in The Jungle Book (2016), George Clooney goes all country in O Brother Where Art Thou? (2000), Bruce Willis' best Christmas movie Die Hard (1998) is up next, and finally, there's Deadpool (2016) to close a weekend of pure cinematic joy.

Full Film in the Old College Quad programme details:

Fri 16 Sep
Jaws, 6.30pm
Inception, 9.30pm

Sat 17 Sep
Inside Out, 10am
Labyrinth, 12.30pm
Pitch Perfect 2, 3.30pm
Kingsman: Secret Service, 6.30pm
Aliens, 9.30pm

Sun 18 Sep
Home, 10am
The Jungle Book, 12.30pm
O Brother, Where Art Thou?, 3.30pm
Die Hard, 6.30pm
Deadpool, 9.30pm

Get tickets through the University of Edinburgh.

Film in the Old College Quad, Fri 16–Sun 18 Sep, Old College, Edinburgh, times and prices vary.

Film in the Old College Quad

This weekend, the University of Edinburgh's Old College quadrangle is transformed into a spectacular open air cinema experience featuring film favourites Jaws, Inception, Die Hard and Aliens: The Director’s Cut.