Trick or treat: scary movies to watch this halloween

Trick or treat

Green Room

Ideas for those who like a fright on halloween, whether you're watching with friends, loved ones or on your own

We round up some of the best scary movies to watch at Halloween, with pals, with your significant other, or all on your lonesome…

For friends

Green Room (2016)
When punk band the Ain't Rights are asked to play at a neo-Nazi bar, they relish the chance to wind the punters up by opening with Dead Kennedy's 'Nazi Punks F**K Off', but it's after they've finished playing that the real trouble begins. Locked backstage after witnessing a murder, the group are forced to make controversial decisions in order to save their lives. Director Jeremy Saulnier doesn't waste a second in his taught sophomore film. It's gleefully gory and features Patrick Stewart as a softly spoken white supremacist.

Monster Squad (1987)
A beloved 80s treasure which sees a group of close-knit friends come up against a mummy, Wolf Man, Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. It plays out like a scarier version of The Goonies with the kids going on a mad adventure across their suburban town in order to save the world. Shane Black and Fred Dekker's creation is a fun and incredibly sweet love letter to old-school horror and Universal Studios monsters that is extremely quotable.

For couples

Nina Forever (2015)
The Blaine Brothers' examination of grief reaches deep down into the pit of loneliness and despair with an insightfulness that is almost overwhelming as it shrewdly connects death and desire. It's a raw and funny look at the residue of past relationships, which takes the form of squelchy and sarcastic corpse Nina (Fiona O' Shaughnessy) who appears between her ex-boyfriend and his new lover at the most awkward of moments. It features music from Amanda Palmer which adds to its haunting ambience.

Spring (2014)
An homage to Lovecraftian horror that sees a young American head abroad to Italy in the desperate search for a new life and new love. Much of the film is spent observing two potential lovers, Evan and the mysterious Louise, getting to know one another, recalling Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise in its casual chats and stunning backdrop. When the disturbing stuff kicks in, it's squishy and gross, yet the film retains its allure thanks to Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson's beautiful visuals and strong characterisation.

On your own

Hush (2016)
Mike Flanagan has crafted a finely tuned and tense home invasion horror that sees deaf writer Maddie (played by co-writer Kate Siegel) ward off danger and a cruel intruder in brutal fashion. It's made even more chilling and suspenseful as the audience hears creaking around the house before Maddie, as she unsuspectingly taps away on her keyboard. But it turns out her lack of hearing is in fact her superpower, as she uses loud noises to protect herself from harm in a particularly effective and ear-piercing smoke alarm sequence.

Ava's Possessions (2015)
In Jordan Galland's amusing and perceptive debut feature, we meet a young woman who is in recovery after being possessed. She attends Possession Anonymous meetings and has to beg the forgiveness of anyone she hurt while under the influence of a demon. It takes inspiration from films such as Beetlejuice, Repulsion and The Exorcist and plays out as moving metaphor for the aftermath of drug and alcohol addiction, with a strong handle on the surreal nature of being ostracised from your friends and family.