A Walk with Love and Death (3 stars)

A Walk with Love and Death

(15) 90min (BFI)


Made immediately after his boisterous Scottish historical romp Sinful Davey, this long lost, now cult, 1969 film was a much more personal project for the great John Huston. Based on Dutch writer Hans Koningsberger’s novel, it’s a doom-laden love story set against the backdrop of the 100 Years’ War between 14th century England and France. The director’s daughter Anjelica Huston makes her acting debut as a French noblewoman who is rescued from a peasant revolt by a wandering student (Assi Dayan). Together, these misfits walk across their war-ravaged country to the sea where death beckons.

The lengthy meditation on mortality is heavy going stuff (and the subject matter is not helped by leaden pacing), but it nevertheless makes for interesting viewing when put into a late 60s context, when the love and peace dream was souring, and the film’s bleak message does, unfortunately, still remain relevant today. Extras include a booklet and behind-the-scenes footage with Huston.

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