Jade Warrior (2 stars)

Jade Warrior

(12) 100min (Yume)


This potentially fascinating attempt to combine two mythologies: ancient Chinese martial arts with Finnish legend, The Kalevala is, as the blurb tell us, ‘the first ever Finnish martial arts film’. May it also be the last. AJ Annila’s sufficiently crafted film details a modern day Finnish blacksmith given the task of opening an ancient cask, consequently releasing visions that takes him back to ancient China. Can he simultaneously manage to hold together his relationship with his lovely Finnish girlfriend, and is all this delving into the past a way of reclaiming her?

With some suitably balletic fight scenes, stunning landscape shots and some master-pupil exposition, this might please those who love the martial arts genre and are looking for a bit of a twist within the tropes, but there doesn’t seem much drive or purpose here.

Decent selection of extras include ‘behind the scenes’ documentary.

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