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  • 22 May 2008

Cassandra’s Dream (12A) 108min •• Cockney brothers Ian (Ewan McGregor) and Terry (Colin Farrell) find themselves in serious financial difficulty. Their solution is kill a man for money but the repercussions of the act soon overcome their close relationship. Woody Allen’s third London-set film (following on from Match Point and Scoop) is a confused embarrassment of quaint olde English observation, bad accents and sub Dostoevsky tragedy. Selected release from Fri 23 May.

Timber Falls (18) 100min •• Another week, another ‘survival horror’ flick. This one has loved up couple Mike (Josh Randall) and Sheryl (Brianna Brown) camping and trekking through the West Virginia hills. Unfortunately for them there are a lot of psychos in them there hills and they’ve all got big plans for Mike and Sheryl. Familiar and contrived with lame dialogue. Showcase, Paisley and selected release from Fri 23 May.

Sex and the City (15) 145min (unable to review at press time) Carrie Bradshaw and the girls are back in a glossy big screen adventure that takes on some big issues. Reviewed next issue. General release from Wed 28 May.

Chemical Wedding (18) 106min •• Absolutely ridiculous but mildly enjoyable supernatural thriller about what might happen if infamous mystic and occult scholar Aleister Crowley came back to life. Set in his old Trinity College in Cambridge, Crowley, played with great abandon by Simon Callow, re-emerges after some 3D imaging experiments, with a new super computer, go wrong. Iron Maiden’s frontman Bruce Dickinson wrote the screenplay and this is directed Julian Doyle, veteran Monty Python second unit director/editor. This feels like it should have been funnier, cleverer and more nihilistic than it is and the pacing is all over the place. Showcase, Paisley and selected release from Fri 30 May.

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