Deja Vu (2 stars)

(12A) 126min


A massive explosion, a slow-mo on our hero arriving on the scene of a terrorist attack, and within the first ten minutes it’s clear that we’ve entered the destructive cinematic world of Tony Scott. But, unlike with the abysmal Domino and the lacklustre Man on Fire, Scott has actually realised that some semblance of a story amidst the car crashes and gun shooting helps hold audience interest. The far-fetched plot set in post-Katrina New Orleans pitches Denzel Washington (teaming up with Scott for a third time) as Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agent Doug Carlin. When investigating a crime scene, Carlin is introduced to a new technological innovation known as ‘Snow White’, which allows the FBI to watch events in real time from four and a half days ago. The resulting investigation involves time travel (or more accurately a hotchpotch of the time-space continuum ideas nicked from Back to The Future, The Terminator) mixed with the pre-crime investigation technology of Minority Report. If you can suspend your belief Deja Vu is fairly enjoyable, but the crass Hollywood ending is appalling.

General release from Fri 15 Dec

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