7 films Sci-Fi fans must see at Glasgow Film Festival

7 Best Sci-Fi films at the Glasgow Film Festival 2017


Cult classics, time travel, atomic monsters and David Lynch at GFF 2017

The Glasgow Film Festival returns with another eclectic mix of retrospectives, premières, live events and special screenings. If you are a sci-fi geek there's plenty to choose from with a selection of brand new films, old favourites and unearthed cult classics for your viewing pleasure.

David Lynch: Art Life

7 Best Sci-Fi films at the Glasgow Film Festival 2017

A profile of the visionary director famed for his surreal dramas and dreamlike narratives. His many masterpieces include an adaptation of Frank Herbert's sci-fi epic Dune, the twisted logic of Lost Highway and dystopia fantasy Eraserhead.
Cineworld, Renfrew Street, Fri 24 Feb, 8.30pm; Sat 25 Feb, 1pm.

Morning Patrol

7 Best Sci-Fi films at the Glasgow Film Festival 2017

Thoughtful 1987 Greek movie starring Michele Valley as a woman fighting off other survivors and encountering deadly traps as she wanders through a post apocalyptic wasteland before she stumbles across an abandoned city.
CCA, Sat 25 Feb, 6.15pm.


A very different sci-fi film from 1987. Predator is all out kick ass action starring Austrian oak Arnold Schwarzenegger as he faces off against a viscous alien hunting his unit for sport in the South American rainforest.
GFT, Fri 17 Feb, 11.15pm.

Shin Godzilla (Shin Gojira)

Forget the US remakes go back to the source for Toho Studio's reboot of the atomic monster Godzilla. A 'seismic event' wakes the sleeping beast from his slumber to cause maximum property damage as he returns to his favourite stomping ground: Tokyo. Part of FrightFest.
GFT, Fri 24 Feb, 9pm.

The Thing

John Carpenter's paranoid classic about a shapeshifting alien creature that infiltrates a remote Antarctic research station. Featuring groundbreaking special effects from Rob Bottin and a career best performance from Kurt Russell. A special immersive screening at indoor 'real snow' ski slope Snow Factor, so wrap up warm.
Snow Factor, Thu 23 Feb, 7pm.

The Untamed (La Región Salvaje)

7 Best Sci-Fi films at the Glasgow Film Festival 2017

Woozy sci-fi, destructive love and sexual obsession collide in this meditative relationship drama with an alien twist that has been compared to Under the Skin.
GFT, Fri 24 Feb, 11pm; CCA, Sat 25 Feb, 1.15pm.

The Warrior's Gate

Big action adventure produced by Luc Besson. A teenager (Uriah Shelton) finds himself pulled through time to ancient China where he must turn his videogame prowess into martial arts mastery. Part of FrightFest.
GFT, Fri 24 Feb, 1.30pm.

Glasgow Film Festival runs Wed 15–Thu 26 Feb.

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