Under the Skin (2013)

Sexy Beast director Jonathan Glazer returned to the big screen after almost a decade away with this extraordinary, transcendent adaptation of Michel Faber's haunting sci-fi novel. An extraterrestrial (Scarlett Johansson) drives around Scotland in a white van, preying on the menfolk. It's weirder than it sounds.

No Way Out (1987)

Back when Kevin Costner had just broken out, Sean Young had a career, and Gene Hackman hadn't retired, the trio came together for Roger Donaldson's steamy naval thriller. Don't expect An Officer and a Gentleman – this is a fantastic thriller with one of the most lauded payoffs in cinema.

Body of Evidence (1993)

German director Uli Edel followed Last Exit to Brooklyn and a single episode of Twin Peaks with this 'erotic thriller' featuring Madonna, Willem Dafoe and litres of molten candle wax. A woman is accused of using sex to murder her victim, a ridiculous plot which is the inevitable peak of the daft sexy thrillers which dominated the late 80s to the early 90s.

Damage (1992)

With French New Wave director Louis Malle and playwright David Hare involved, Damage was a cut above the other erotic thrillers of the time. A cracking cast includes Jeremy Irons, Juliette Binoche and Oscar nominee Miranda Richardson.

The Rules of Attraction (2002)

Pulp Fiction wasn't just the work of Quentin Tarantino, although confusion remains as to just how much credit his former friend, Roger Avary, deserves for his contribution to the script. After that messy breakup, Avary adapted Bret Easton Ellis' college campus-set novel featuring Dawson's Creek's James Van Der Beek trying his very best to shake off that particular albatross.

Gone Girl (2014)

David Fincher continues to make only excellent films (excepting Alien 3) with this tense thriller. A man (Ben Affleck) becomes the prime suspect following the disappearance of his wife (Academy award nominee Rosamund Pike). Remarkably, the film went on to take almost $370 million at the box office.