Glasgow Short Film Festival: Spotlight on VR Movie House

Glasgow Short Film Festival: Spotlight on VR Movie House

The Perfect Place

Unique chance to immerse yourself in a selection virtual reality short films

Virtual reality looks like it could be the next big game changer in how entertainment is consumed. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR have brought the technology into the home but they are still an expensive toy with limited content available. However the gaming experience is utterly unique with the player dropped directly into the action. Many titles still feel like tech demos but now full games (most notably Resident Evil 7) can be played entirely in VR.

VR is also making an impact in film. Raindance and Sundance, for example, are fully embracing the new medium. Now the Glasgow Short Film Festival is getting in on the action offering you the opportunity to experience their VR Movie House which will be making a home for itself at the Joytown Grand Electric Theatre on Thu 16—Sun 19 Mar (all tickets £5; advance booking essential) where you can experience a selection of immersive short films from across Europe.

Highlights include:

Ashes to Ashes
Dropping you into a dysfunctional family conflict.

The Circuit
World première of this 14 minute Scottish short that gives you a point of view perspective on the world of professional jockeys.

A CGI techno reimagining of Alice in Wonderland.

I, Philip
Sci-fi from France featuring the missing head of a Philip K Dick android.

A claustrophobic look at refugee detention centres.

The Perfect Place
Another world première. Explore a couple's relationship in this collaboration between BBC and Scottish Ballet.

VR Movie House, Joytown Grand Electric Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 16—Sun 19 Mar. Tickets available now.

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