Best films to see at IberoDocs 2017

Best films to see at IberoDocs 2017


Ibero-American documentary film festival returns for its fourth edition

IberoDocs, Scotland's annual Ibero-American documentary film festival, is a celebration of Ibero-American film and culture, bringing filmmakers from Spain, Portugal and Latin America to Edinburgh to showcase their work. This year will be the festival's fourth edition, with 15 award-winning films on the programme that cover 11 countries and 10 different languages, including 14 Scottish premieres. Themes such as social and political activism, female empowerment and welfare will be featured heavily throughout the programme in screenings and exhibitions, providing alternative perspectives on key issues. Festival-goers will also get the chance to enjoy workshops with documentary directors, parties with live music, and food and drink that all highlight Ibero-American culture.

We've chosen our top picks for each day of the festival, which takes place from 10–14 May, to give you some suggestions on what to check out.

Ada for Mayor

Spain, 2016 (dir. Pau Faus)
Following renowned activist Ada Colau for one year, Ada for Mayor is a fascinating insight into politics, tracing Ada's journey from fighting against evictions in Spain to running for mayor of Barcelona. The film features her own video diary, with her hopes and fears revealed to the audience, as well the inner struggle she faces going from activist to political leader.
Director Pau Faus will be on hand for a Q&A following the Wed 10 May screening.
Wed 10 May, 8.35pm and Sun 14 May, 1.15pm, Filmhouse.

Rest in Peace, Mr Hopper

Spain, 2017 (dir. Daniel García and Aurelio Medina)
Dennis Hopper's The Last Movie was released in 1971 to much criticism, with Hopper virtually disappearing from Hollywood for over decade because of its failure. The film, shot in Chinchero in Peru, tells the story of a horse wrangler named Kansas who is called in to help following an indigenous rebellion against a Hollywood film crew. Inspired by Hopper's work, two filmmakers, Daniel García and Aurelio Medina, return to Chinchero to make a new film with the villagers, focusing on Hopper's legacy.
Daniel García and Aurelio Medina will be taking part in a Q&A after the film.
Thu 11 May, 6pm, Filmhouse.

Ricardo Íscar Retrospective – 1991 to 2015

Award-winning filmmaker Ricardo Íscar's documentaries have a reputation for their insight into human relations, with the director's delicate and poetic style providing a unique framing of life itself. This retrospective will showcase four of Íscar's films: On the Banks of the River (Germany/Spain, 1991), Manuel Angel's Diary (Germany, 1991), The Fence (Spain, 2002-2006) and The Final Fair (Spain, 2015), with a Q&A after the screenings. Íscar will also be taking part in a Masterclass at Edinburgh College of Art before the retrospective in which he will discuss filmmaking techniques and screen his latest work, On Wiseman.
Fri 12 May, 3.45pm, Filmhouse.


Portugal/Switzerland/ Japan, 2016 (dir. Claudia Varejão)
Japan's women of the sea, the Ama-San, have been carrying out dives to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean for over 2000 years, interrogating the role of women in Japanese society. Famous for collecting pearls, these women dive without scuba gear or air tanks and occupy a special place in Japanese culture. Varejão's film follows the lives of three women of varying ages who have dived together for 30 years, examining a tradition that is gradually dying out.
Sat 13 May, 8.40pm, Filmhouse.

I'm Not From Here / Still Here

Chile/ Lithuania/Denmark, 2016 (dir. Maite Alberdi and Giedre Zickyte)
Mexico, 2016 (dir. Lorenzo Hagerman)
The two closing films of the festival are both part of the 'Caring' strand, examining the end of life and retirement. I'm Not From Here is a 26 minute short about Josebe, an 88-year-old woman who lives in a nursing home in Chile and who talks fondly of her memories of the Basque Country, her homeland. But as she struggles to connect with the other residents of the nursing home, who are from Chile, she begins to live in her memories, forgetting where she really is. The 87 minute Still Here is told from the perspective of people around the world who have lived for more than 90 years, providing an intimate look at existence through ordinary stories of love and loss.
Sun 14 May, 5.55pm, Filmhouse.

The closing films will be followed by a party at Akva from 9pm, with food, drinks and live music courtesy of The Cheekyrriquis Flamenco Power.

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