EIFF announces Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim and Hot Fuzz immersive cinema experiences for film fans

Edgar Wright event cinema triple bill coming to Edinburgh International Film Festival

Zombie survival, comic paradise and summer fête screenings and parties as part of Edgar Wright triple bill at Edinburgh International Film Festival

Edinburgh International Film Festival will play host to the kind of immersive, event cinema experience the capital's movie fans have been crying out for. EIFF: Play – in partnership with The List and supported by Sir Ewan and Lady Brown – will celebrate writer-director Edgar Wright with three cult modern classics, including RomZomCom Shaun of the Dead (2004), action-spoof Hot Fuzz (2007), and gamer-fantasy Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010).

The festival has picked pitch-perfect venues, each screening with a thematic supporting lineup that'll make these events highlights of the year for festival-goers of all stripes.

First up, Potterrow will host a screening of Scott Pilgrim (Thu 15 Jun) followed by the ultimate comic book after party at Teviot Row House featuring a Tiny Zine Swap Show, retro and new gaming stations with We Throw Switches, and live illustration by Too Much Fun Club plus DJs as well as video game themed bars.

You'd be hard pressed to find a better place to host a zombie apocalypse party than Leith's Biscuit Factory – certainly nowhere that would pass a health and safety inspection at any rate. Dubbed EIFF Survivors Party, the Shaun of the Dead late-night party takes place Thu 22 Jun with DJs, your very own zombie pack and the chance to show off your special effects make-up skills. Plus, the Edinburgh International Science Festival is getting in on the fun with its gory Blood Bar.

Edgar Wright event cinema triple bill coming to Edinburgh International Film Festival

Last but by no means least, comes part two of Wright's Cornetto trilogy, Hot Fuzz. Would-be crime-fighting recruits should report for duty at Church Hill Theatre on Thu 29 Jun. You'll get your very own bobby's helmet and investigate strange goings-on at the EIFF summer fête, where you can take in some tombola, check out very creative Primitive Painters, eat your weight in sweets, and enjoy some slam poetry from Loud Poets in partnership with the Scottish Poetry Library.

'We're thrilled to launch EIFF: Play in our 70th Anniversary Year,' says EIFF Artistic Director Mark Adam. 'For the first time, we're taking the concept of Edgar Wright's incredible catalogue of films and bringing them to life across Edinburgh.'

And while The List is partnering with these events and may be a little biased, we think this is gonna be a brilliant series. Frankly, 'Don't Stop Me Now' is already on the radio and we're planning our outfits.

Tickets are £13–15 and will be available via the EIFF website now. The full EIFF 2017 programme will be announced Wed 31 May.

Edinburgh International Film Festival takes place 21 Jun–2 Jul.

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